who ARE WE?

We are vision achievers, tax strategists, cash flow optimizer’s, equity-value builders, and Thought Leaders. We change the results of taxes… one person at a time. We will help guide you through the process of assessing where your business is and where it could be. We are committed and ready to help you set your vision for today and tomorrow through proper tax strategy, company culture adjustment and creating a buy-in on the vision of your business. 

We work hand in hand with our trusted Strategic Partners who each specialize in certain areas of your business. We rely on these knowledgeable individuals to help develop, and implement the best course of action to achieve your vision. Because it all comes back to your Vision.

Our team

John Brooke, President
Jazmin Martinez, Director of Technology
Laura Cleverley, Chief Operating Officer

Our team is not complete without you

YOU are a vital part of the team. We cannot achieve the vision without you.


Respecting you by appreciating your dignity by helping you keep what is rightfully yours


4548 Atherton Drive, Suite 230  SLC, UT 84123



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