Changing the results of taxes ... one at a time

85%+ OF SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS Pay too much in tax¹

Our proprietary research documents 85%+ of small business owners have these results from their tax returns¹:

  • Pay too much in tax
  • Have sub-optimal debt loads
  • Have sub-optimal cash flow
  • Have sub-optimal equity value
  • Struggle to achieve their vision/goals

Foundation of the Assessment:
Four cornerstones of the tax code

The assessment is highly effective and accurate because it is based on the four cornerstones of the tax code:

  • VISION – How you see your company today and tomorrow
  • STRUCTURE & COMPLIANCE – How you are legally organized to reduce taxes and maximize opportunities, and how you report those successes on your tax return
  • MEASUREMENT – How you record the past and how you peer into the future
  • EXIT – How you capture successes so you no longer need a salary to fund your lifestyle 

Taxes Mastered Advanced tax strategies

Our advanced tax strategies help ensure you:

Pay your fair share of taxes

Have optimal debt loads

Have optimal cash flow

Have optimal equity value

Achieve your vision on-time, on-budget, and with the highest probability of success