1The Assessment is a proprietary and copyrighted mathematical analysis of large-data information developed, expanded, and maintained since the mid-1980s by John C. Brooke.  From this mathematical analysis, the conclusion was 85%+ of small business owners pay too much in tax.  This conclusion has held constant since the mid-1980s through various economic cycles and various modifications to the tax code.


The results of John’s proprietary and copyrighted mathematical analysis is today a client…just like yourself…can take the Assessment and know with appropriate degree of confidence IF you pay too much in tax and WHY! Representations:  Nothing in this website or links to JCBrooke, Inc. rises to the level of a representation. 


Circular 230 Disclosure. The IRS requires us to advise you that any federal tax advice contained in this website is not intended to be used and cannot be used for the purpose of avoiding penalties under the Internal Revenue Code, or for promoting, marketing or recommending to another party any transaction or matter  addressed herein.


This website and links to JCBrooke, Inc. may contain numeric, graphic or narrative presentations that are theoretical in nature and provided only for educational and exploratory purposes.  Therefore, direct implementation of strategic tax concepts discussed for a specific party should be undertaken only after suitable analysis by a component tax professional fully aware of the actual facts.   Only third parties to Taxes Mastered, Inc. and JCBrooke, Inc. provide non-theoretical presentations and representations. The content of this website and links to JCBrooke, Inc. are considered © copyrighted and proprietary material and cannot be copied in any manner.

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Taxes Mastered, Inc. is a licensee of certain intellectual property made available from JCBrooke, Inc. JCBrooke, Inc. is a developer of intellectual property in the general area of strategic tax planning.  For that reason, certain intellectual property like blog articles,  podcasts, books, and continuing education courses are linked to the website of JCBrooke, Inc.


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